Girls Will Be Girls is a multidisciplinary online platform created for women, with women, by women. Bringing together a variety of feminist artists, writers and intersectional practitioners, Girls Will Be Girls offers a space for any individual of any age or background who identifies as female or non-binary to take up the space that they deserve. Using visual arts and honest storytelling, it is a place for them to be their unflinching selves and where their unflinching selves are championed and applauded.  Girls Will Be Girls follows the practice of intersectional feminism and invites individuals from all backgrounds to participate in this ongoing conversation.

Girls Will Be Girls is also a space to call bullshit and amplify the voices of intelligent and sensitive women, non-binary and gender nonconforming individuals. No, I won't smile for you. No, I don't accept what you're saying and I won't. No,  I don't think it's fucking fair either, now please get the hell off my lawn.

Girls Will Be Girls is feminism with no apologies. 

Girls Will Be Girls is feminism for the soul.

Girls Will Be Girls is for girls to just be, well, girls.