Claire Macallister


Claire is a Melbourne-based theatre maker, actor and a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Performing Arts. In between writing for GWBG, keeping her feminism intersectional  and shouting at her resumé, Claire enjoys eating avocados, collecting oversized jewellery and watching Teen Wolf. The longest time she has spent patting a stranger's dog on the street was 12 minutes (I think I made that lady late to work as well.) 


Tennessee Mynott-Rudland


Tennessee is a queer lady, part-time theatre maker and full time feminist killjoy who's favourite pass-times include calling out bullshit online, drinking beer and baking sourdough bread. Having completed her honours degree in feminist adaptations of Greek tragedy, she now keeps herself busy managing theatre productions and teaching children's drama, curating the What's On in Feminist Melbourne segment and editing here at GWBG.


Carla Scotto


Carla is a freelance graphic designer, with a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University. She enjoys disappointing men, doomsday movies, Keanu Reeves, and dogs - duh. She completed an intensive graphic design course through Shillington College and now runs her own business, Carla Scotto Design (


Grace Kwyn


Grace is a performer, writer and general maker-of-things from Melbourne. She wants to keep on learning about things, encourage other people to think about those things and occasionally have a giggle about those things. She has a passion for velvet dresses, cookie dough and feminism.




Cassandra is an intersectional feminist, practising artist, and avid TV enthusiast. She recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Gender Studies, after getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the VCA. Cassandra co-created and co-runs FEMS Zine - a feminist art zine, and hopes to one day enable women to take over the world (with the help of her iphone notes titled "Feminist Dreamz").


Maeve Scannell


Maeve is a self professed cat lady, bookworm and all round feminist killjoy. Having completed her undergraduate at The University of Melbourne, majoring in gender studies and psychology, she is currently studying a Masters of Information Management (fancy way of saying studying to be a librarian) at RMIT. She aims to return to gender studies in the near-ish future and complete her honours degree and maybe even a Masters. In the meantime she enjoys drinking dangerous amounts of tea and not talking to anyone.


Sarah Branton


Sarah is a pansexual Virgo, who has absolutely zero ability at keeping her personal space tidy or heteronormative. Sarah is a white girl with Cypriot heritage, so naturally she loathes institutionalised racism but loves baklava. As she is currently studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University, Sarah feels the inadequacies of the Australian government, as well as maintaining an incredible obsession with anything to do with Nicki Minaj.


Caity Jakeman


Caity is a full-time feminist, part-time research associate and a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Melbourne. Her hobbies include kicking the patriarchy in the shins, crying on public transport and eating far too many hot chippies. Caity understands these aren't real hobbies and she aspires to find more productive ways to spend her time. 


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