Irina Laaja is a 28-year-old artist, originally from Finland but currently living and working in Berlin. Her artistic work includes several medias, but she mostly works with textiles and drawing. Her drawings are made with ink pen on paper, and they often discuss the subject of the female body and sexuality, as well as the female body under the male gaze. Her work can also be viewed as self-biographical, in an either direct way where she uses her own body as subject, or in a more abstract way. 

~ CONTENT WARNING: mentions of an eating disorder. ~ 

lovesong nr 1.png

"The body has always played a central role in my work, but recently the works have developed towards a more abstract figurative style with a combination of realism and childishness. Studying my body as a form helps, but it is also a way to portray the female body and sexuality under my conditions as well as letting the female body take space."

"Portraying my own body started a few years ago as a therapeutic procedure in order to feel more comfortable with my own body. As a teenager I struggled with an eating disorder and since then, I had, for a long time, difficulties to accept my own body as it is."