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International Women's Day Rally & March, Melbourne

  • Parliament House Spring Street Melbourne, VIC Australia (map)

Spread the word–this year’s International Women’s Day rally will take place WEDNESDAY, 8 MARCH 2017 at 5:30PM at PARLIAMENT HOUSE on Spring Street. #IWD2017

The IWD Melbourne Collective's 2017 demands are as follows.

We value the full diversity of women and all the amazing qualities that diverse women offer. We demand:

Decolonise Australia. Decolonise the world. Sovereignty and self-determination for First Nations peoples. Treaty Now. Justice for the Stolen Generations. Stop child removals. Pay back stolen wages. End the NT intervention. Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities. Stop Aboriginal deaths in custody. End child detention.

An end to racism
End all wars and make reparations. End racist oppression, Islamophobia, and white supremacy. End Australia’s racist immigration policies. Open the borders. Close the camps. Free the refugees. Bring Them Here. Let Them Stay. Combat the rise of fascism in all its forms in Australia and worldwide.

Economic justice
A liveable income for all women. Security in employment and an end to precarious work. Increase the minimum wage, protect a strong safety net of minimum conditions, and maintain penalty rates. Equal pay for equal or comparable work, paid parental leave, and free and accessible childcare. Affirmative action to ensure equality in women’s retirement income. 

The right to join and contribute to unions and organise free from harassment and intimidation.

Comprehensive income support for the unemployed, parents of children up to the age of 18, the aged, carers, and people with disabilities. An end to work for the dole and all forms of income management.

The right for women to work in any industry, free from stigma, criminalisation, and harassment, including sex work.

Recognition and compensation of women’s unpaid labour. Protection from discrimination, free healthcare, and affordable housing for all.

Reproductive justice
Full reproductive rights and justice for all women, irrespective of class, race, sexuality, and ability. Reproductive choice controlled by women for women. Free, accessible abortion on demand. The right for lesbian and single women to access reproductive treatment. An end to forced sterilisation. The freedom and resources to raise our children in safety.

Sexual liberation
The right to be, live, and express our sexual orientation; to have total respect for all aspects of our sexuality; and to be free from coercion in all aspects of sexual orientation and sexuality. An end to all forms of discrimination and full legal equality for people of all sexual orientations. An end to discrimination and violence against queer youth.

Transgender rights
The right to be our gender identity and express our gender free from discrimination, harassment, and violence. Full legal equality and recognition of people’s affirmed gender.

An end to violence against women
An end to all forms of violence against women, including sexual, physical, psychological, social, and financial abuse. Fund and support family violence leave and support at work for workers experiencing domestic violence. Restore and increase funding to domestic violence, crisis prevention, legal, and support services.

Disability rights
Equality, justice, and visibility for women of all and varying abilities at all ages. The end to discrimination in work and education, and access to housing and health services for women with disabilities. An end to violence, abuse, and oppression of people with disabilities, including those in institutions or under the care of others.

Immediate action to stop environmental destruction
Stop climate change, hold the corporations to account, and compensate all victims worldwide. Move towards a just transition to a sustainable world. Full compensation and justice for climate refugees. 

Free, accessible education
Make Education Free Again. End the privatisation and corporatisation of all levels of education. Restore full government funding to TAFEs, adult, and community education, and not-for-profit organisations. Abolish student debt. Education is a Right, Not a Privilege.

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